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Frequently Asked Questions about RTM Homes


“Custom built” and “ready-to-move” aren’t words you often hear together. But that’s what we do at B&B Homes—we provide our customers with the convenience of a ready-to-move (RTM) home, and the quality and distinctiveness of a custom build.

We work with you to incorporate your ideas into your RTM home, ensuring it meets your unique needs. Contact B&B Homes to get started on your dream RTM home today.


What is a RTM home?

RTM stands for “ready to move,” meaning the home is constructed in a building yard, and upon completion, it is moved to your property and set on top of your pre-made basement or crawl space. A RTM home is entirely finished inside and out, with the exceptions of appliances, window coverings, and mechanical equipment.

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Do you build custom homes or use pre-drawn plans?

We specialize in custom homes. We have skilled draftspeople who are able to turn your vision into custom-made floor plans for a RTM home. We also have pre-drawn plans available that can be modified to suit your needs, if you would prefer that option.

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Do you build cabins?

Yes, we do. A RTM cabin is a smart option as trades are hard to find in cottage country, and if you go with a stick frame you will have a longer wait time as well as extra charges due to location. One thing to keep in mind with a RTM cabin is to make sure there is enough space to get it onto your lot.

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How big of a RTM home can you move?

The average size is 38 ft. at the eaves and roughly 50 ft. long. You can go larger than this if you wish. Contact us to get an estimate of what it will cost you to move the home you have in mind.

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Who transports your RTM homes?

We work with Neufeld Building Movers to move all of our RTM homes. Neufeld Building Movers will safely deliver your home, as well as set it on your basement or crawl space.

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Will the walls crack when the RTM home is moved?

Yes, there will be some cracking in the drywall when your home is moved, although this will not affect the structure of your home. Once your home is set down and you have the utilities hooked up, we will fix and paint all the cracks that occurred during the move.

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Do your homes come with any warranty?

We are a Gold Service Award member of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program. This provides you with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials, a two-year warranty for water leak protection, and a five-year warranty on any major structural defects. Most of the products used in your home will also come with additional manufacturer’s warranties. If there is cracking due to settling in the first year, you can contact us and we will fix the cracks for you.

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What do your standards include?

To view a list of the standards we abide by, click here.

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Can you build our home up to the drywall stage and then move it?

Yes, this option is available. Contact us to find out more.

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