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B&B Homes is committed to building your home with the best workmanship available. From the beginning stages right up until the last nail goes in, we are committed to making your dream home a reality. But our work does not stop there. We are proud members of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program and we closely follow their guidelines for providing service and warranty work to our customers.


Once the home has moved, it is normal to notice things that need repair. After your home has been safely delivered and set on the foundation, we will come and service any defects and deficiencies that have occurred due to the moving process. Common problems often require sanding, patching, painting or adjusting. To avoid damage to your possessions, we take care of these problems before you move personal items or appliances into your new home. Scheduling of service and repair work will be done as soon as the home owner has all utilities hooked up to the home.


Other issues can appear during the first year as the home settles. Home owners contact B&B Homes before the one year anniversary of the move, and we, once again, take care of any cracking or other defects that have occurred. Please note: Our warranty does not cover any issues that are caused by the normal wear and tear of living.


Along with our own service and warranty policy, many of our suppliers carry warranties on their own products. 





"Above and beyond our expectations. B&B Homes always met every expecation we had from planning to building to warranty work. When the team showed up to do our warranty work, I was hesitant, as now that we were settled, I didn't wish to live in a renovation type mess. And was ever wrong...they left zero evidence of even being in my home; as every speck of dust and remains from their work was cleaned up and removed! We have been impressed since day one and Travis and his crew continue to have a perfect track record!! Recommend-recommend-recommend!!!"  --Shari Brenner, Outlook, SK--


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