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 3 Bedroom | Full Kitchen | 2 Bathrooms 
Bungalow Style  |  1716 Square Feet



The Silverwood


Homeowners will be greeted by plenty of space and a large open floor plan with The Silverwood floor plan. As with all B&B Homes, this plan has been meticulously crafted to offer both luxury and convenience to homeowners. With more than 1716 square feet of living space and three bedrooms and two bathrooms, The Silverwood has plenty of space for families to call home. The main level has an open concept kitchen, living room and dining area with spacious vaulted ceilings. The kitchen hosts a large island and walk-in pantry while the living room comes with bay windows that help fill the space with light. Step out of the dining area and into the outdoor living area with the home’s garden doors. With home features such as this as well as the B&B Homes standard triple pane windows and new construction brickmould; this home can satisfy even the most particular of homeowners. Plus, everything with this and every B&B Homes new construction, is completely customizable to fit every homeowner’s needs.



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