A Dream Farmhouse 10 Years in the Making.

Cindy and Trevor Tyson decided it was time to officially relocate to their family farm and put an end to their commuting lifestyle. Over 10 years in the making, they knew that they wanted to have a home that would both enhance their everyday living and remove the barriers to staying connected around their busy lifestyle.

Aside from the close proximity to B&B Homes in the Harris area, Cindy and Trevor decided to work with B&B because of the company’s flexibility with finishes to create their forever home of their dreams that they live in and love today.

What do you like the most about living in your new RTM home?

“I love the open concept, I feel more connected to my husband inside the house when I’m cooking in the kitchen and Trevor is relaxing in the living room. It feels like we are hanging out in the same room! I also love the ensuite for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.”

-Cindy Tyson, Harris SK

RTM Ensuite

Why did you decide to make a move and build a brand new RTM home?

About a year before contacting B&B Homes we decided it was time to start planning and set up a timeline that made sense for our family. In our initial searches, we were looking for a builder that would provide quality first and foremost. Secondly, we wanted to work with someone in close proximity to our farm. We really liked B&B’s styles of homes and the customization options that were available.

Custom Closet RTM

What piece of advice would you give someone about to go into the RTM planning and building process? What would you recommend to them?

Know what you want, or at least have an idea heading into design. Katia and Darwin are always available to help you decide on things you aren’t sure about.

Also when it comes to working with hookups, be prepared to wait if you need to go through SaskPower or SaskEnergy and factor that into your timeline. Make sure you can get it built and delivered in a time that works with your schedule as well. We wished we had our plans finalized and the build happening sooner. You will want to have an allowance of time to decide on everything and go back and forth in the quoting process with your features to get the home exactly where you want it to be.

What did you like about working with B&B Homes?

We had the flexibility to change our mind with features throughout the final quoting stages to match our budget. I really liked working with Katia. She was so helpful. She walked you through the decisions which made the process so much easier with her professional advice.

We also really loved working with CoConstruct to manage the project. Every decision was at your fingertips and we weren’t stuck with anything that we didn’t want. The tool helped manage the project remotely and for us busy people, it was very handy as we are often running around in lots of directions. Questions were answered almost immediately and there wasn’t any phone tag.

It was also really nice to be able to drop in and go see the progress of the home at any time and they didn’t mind.

Want to Get Started Planning Your Own RTM Project with B&B?

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Enhanced Everyday Living for an Eston Family.

The Milton’s spent at least two years researching before they committed to building their new custom RTM home. It was essential, for their peace of mind, to make an informed decision before proceeding with something as significant as designing and building their forever home.

Deciding to go RTM vs Renovating

“For several years now, we have enjoyed television shows such as Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, Holmes and Holmes, House of Bryan, and Bryan Inc., for example. Early on, we recognized that we were not interested in renovating. More importantly, however, we discovered that we wanted to build new because it would allow us the opportunity to ensure that our home was built to our satisfaction, literally from start-to-finish.

-Penny Milton, Eston

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What do you like most about living in your new RTM home?

We love the security of knowing that B&B Homes assisted us in designing our RTM home for Aging-In-Place. Knowing that our new home is also supported by a foundation, as well as crawl space, specifically engineered to withstand our soil type, is something that makes us feel most confident about preserving the structural integrity of our new RTM home. We are thankful that B&B Homes consulted with an engineering firm in order to make that happen.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What were you looking for in an RTM builder?

We were focused on identifying an RTM builder with a reputation for using quality materials and meticulous construction practices. The fact that B&B Homes is a family owned and operated, second-generation company, also played a role in our final decision.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What was important to you in the layout of the home?

It was essential that we were given the opportunity to custom design our own floor plan, and basement layout, to best suit our current as well as anticipated future needs.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What is one piece of advice you would share with anyone planning a custom RTM home?

Keep an open mind. No matter how well informed you may feel coming into the project, be willing to listen and learn. Seek plenty of advice and input, before and during the various stages, from the B&B team and ask for clarification, whenever needed. Doing so will bring you, the home owner, greater confidence in the outcome.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What did you like about working with B&B Homes?

“The word impeccable comes to mind whenever we reflect on the quality of materials and diligent craftsmanship of our new RTM home!”

-Penny Milton, Eston

There are countless aspects that we appreciated about working with B&B Homes. So many, in fact, that we hesitate to mention specific names for fear of overshadowing others who may have had a more behind-the-scenes type of role. Everyone with whom we had contact, whether through Co-Construct, telephone, email or in-person, was always friendly and professional.

We feel it is noteworthy to mention that Travis, president of B&B Homes, personally contacted us on various occasions throughout the build process. We believe that Travis’ personal interest in our build project and his hands-on approach, such as operating heavy equipment to ensure proper preparation of our lot, attest to his work ethic and contributes to the ongoing success of B&B Homes.

What a fabulous asset B&B Homes has in their onsite designer, Katia. Not only does she possess the appropriate qualifications and experience to fulfil her role, but Katia does so in an exceptional manner. We found her to be positive, patient, and engaging. Katia made the design process pleasurable and we are grateful that she confidently guided us through the finish selection process.

The time and attention to detail that Darwin put into pricing and sourcing for our project alone is unfathomable. We found him to be highly competent, personable and forth-coming. Indeed, Darwin was instrumental in encouraging us to keep an open mind throughout the journey.

As project manager, Adam ensured that our construction project was completed in a timely fashion and it sure seemed to progress surprisingly smoothly. The flow of the trades that Adam organized was extremely efficient. It is obvious that he makes every effort to bring in quality sub-contractors who take pride in producing meticulous work.

Want to Get Started Planning Your Own RTM Project with B&B?

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Preparing for Moving Day for Your RTM Home.

Congratulations, the process is winding down and your brand new RTM is about to arrive on your property! In preparation for this important day, there are a few steps to take for a smooth day and brand new home delivery. A few things that they require before the home arrives on your lot are:

  • Details on specific road numbers with precise directions (noting any bridges, trees  hanging on the road, soft roads, highwater, train tracks etc) and any other obstacle that may impact the home delivery routing and planning
  • You will need to contact your local RM/town to get permission if you require trimming/cutting any trees on the route (you will also be responsible for clean up afterwards as well)
  • There may be unforeseen variables that can affect costs during the actual move, these include: construction, re-routes from utility companies, rural municipalities or counties denying road usage due to condition, size or weight or obstacles mentioned above.

An important consideration, if you require line lifts, we are unable to accurately predict what the exact utility charges will be. The utility estimates we provide, are based on past moves of similar size in the same area. This cost can get affected by re-routes, weather, road conditions and utility rate changes.

B&B Homes will invoice for the utilities after the move. We can provide an estimate in advance so you can technically have no balance owing at that time this bill arrives. Utility companies reserve the right to bill a customer up to and including two years past the original utility bill date.

In most cases the estimates provided are fairly accurate unless any of the above variables occur. If you have any more questions about the RTM moving process, email info@bbhomes.ca

Planning a Mudroom for an RTM Home.

The mudroom is a common design element that farmers and ranchers incorporate into their RTM homes as this side entrance is a popular entryway point into the home.

With smart planning and design, you can keep these areas neat, organized and styled to your lifestyle. Whether you want to put the laundry in this area with a sink for a double function, or a convenient half bath, the mudroom area can help the rest of your home stay clean and organized.

planning a mudroom for an RTM                                                    Tile floors keep the area easy to clean and maintain.

RTM Mudroom

Lockers, drawers, hooks and benches are also commonly found to help keep everyone’ outerwear and accessories tidy.


If you do not want to commit to a half bath in this area of your home, you can always add a sink to a connected laundry area to clean up in after working outside.

To start planning your own RTM mudroom in your design, contact B&B Homes.

Features that Add Value to Your Home

Your home is not just your personal sanctuary, it is also an investment! Whether you are planning your own custom home or preparing to sell your existing residence, there are some upgrades that will appreciate the price of your home when you are ready to sell. Below are a few ideas:

  • Upgrading flooring in bedrooms from carpet to laminate
  • Tile showers, as well as tile flooring in bathrooms
  • Upgrading your countertop from laminate to quartz or granite
  • Adding a fireplace (gas or wood burning)
  • Installing LED pot lights throughout the home
  • Using vinyl siding to fiber cement board siding and/or adding stone to your exterior
  • Upgrading from stipple ceiling to either painted or pine

Whether it is your forever home or you know you will sell down the road, it is important to consider how the home will maintain it’s value over the long run.


New Building Codes for 2019.

On January 1, 2019, a new Energy Code came into effect in Saskatchewan.

This code has the potential to change the way that today’s homes are designed and built as there is a higher emphasis on building homes that use less energy.

One thing that many people do not realize is that when they take out a building permit for a new home, the responsibility is ultimately theirs to ensure that, in the end, the entire project meets all applicable building codes. The new Energy Code is no exception. Homeowners will have to ensure that not only their RTM (house) meets the new requirements, but also other elements of the project such as the foundation, the concrete floor, and the home’s mechanical equipment. This can be a very overwhelming undertaking.

Here at B&B Homes, our staff is experienced in building not only energy efficient RTMs, but also managing all other elements of the construction project and ensuring that everything is up to code so you don’t have to.

Contact us today for more information on the new Energy Code and how our quality homes meet the new requirements.

What a 2019 RTM Project Timeline Looks Like.

It is not too late to plan for a 2019 delivery of a brand new custom RTM home, however it is time to get started!

Though an RTM build (including a foundation) only takes five months to complete, your relationship with your builder lasts up to a year and a half in total. Be sure to work with someone who you are comfortable with and that will honor any warranty work that may come up during this time.

Below are the different stages of an RTM project timeline for you to consider for your planning:

1. Design, Project Details and Financing

Drafting and finalizing your custom floor plan can take between 1-2 months with estimating. There is often some back and forth to get the estimate where you want it. Some families like to take their time making decisions during this phase to account for custom features so it can take as long as you want it to. During this time you should be sourcing your mortgage in parallel. Do not underestimate the time it will take for your mortgage to be approved in order to release funds to start.

2. Selections Meeting with B&B’s Onsite Designer

Right before you sign the contract, you have an important meeting with our onsite designer to discuss and select the finishes for your home. Katia will guide you through the decision making process to help you create the look and feel you are after, that will suite your preferences for your family’s custom home.

3. Signing the Contract and Reserving a Build Spot

Quoting can take some time as blueprints need to be developed and your selections estimated for exact pricing to be confirmed. During this time you can source any permits you may need as a requirement of your RM (if applicable).  Once you have your financing in place and the estimate where you are comfortable with, you sign the agreement to commence your RTM project and B&B will order the materials for your build.

Once this critical stage is complete, you have a defined project timeline and delivery date assigned.

4. RTM Project Milestones Site Visits

You will be asked to come to the site at the beginning and again at the end of the project for your final approvals. In the first walk-through, B&B completes the framing (floor, walls, roof) and you will confirm the electrical and plumbing rough-in locations before the home is insulated. You will monitor the following details and stages of the project in Co-Construct  remotely until you are asked to come out for your final walk-through prior to the home leaving our yard. You are welcome to come anytime throughout the build to view the progress in person.

5. Moving Day and Warranty Items

On this exciting day you are at the site location to confirm any details that the movers may need. Once the home is settled onto the foundation, you will make a note of any warranty work in Co-Construct that needs to be completed. Once you have your heat and water hooked up, B&B Homes will come to do service work on the home right after the move prior to you officially moving in.

6. One Year Anniversary

At the one year anniversary of your home being delivered, B&B Homes will come to your home to do any service work that may have come up in the first year of you living in the home. All B&B Homes new builds are covered by our own guarantee that we will take care of any potential damages or malfunctions that happen to the home within the first year of being delivered.

If you have any questions or want to get started with your own RTM project, contact us here to get started.

How to Utilize Professionals to Keep Your Project Within Budget.

Little known fact: The start of your custom home project is not when you break ground for the first time. It’s all figured out on paper first.

Be prepared to review, revise, and repeat to get everything within your budget and style. Make sure to allow enough time for planning and building to achieve your desired delivery date.

RTM design budget

So what are the steps you need to take to get your RTM project plan together?

Do Not Fear Disclosing Your Budget

One big, and necessary, step is discussing what you hope your overall project will cost. At B&B, we have compiled an entire list of the expenses associated with building a home – reaching past the costs related to the RTM alone, including site prep, hookups and foundations.

Discussing your budget with our on-site designer and estimator gives them the ability to design and quote your home project using materials and function that will fit within your overall budget while allowing enough room for other expenditures and features.

To ensure that you do not encounter any surprises along the way that can suddenly hinder you from achieving your dream—or will require last minute split decisions—our estimator at B&B Homes is equipped to provide you with detailed quotes based on your budget parameters. From your RTM home costs to your on-site garage, foundation, hookups and deck, as well as any other required on-site elements that may come up.

Be Prepared to Review, Revise, and Repeat

There are a couple steps involved in this process. First, designing your custom home. This involves everything from the style and materials chosen, to the layout and function of the home that fits your family’s lifestyle. All of these parts are taken into consideration and reviewed to make sure they are fitting your overall vision.

The next step is estimating the cost of the design. In this phase you will be given quotes that include everything discussed during the design process. Once the first vision of your home is quoted, and you have a concrete idea of all the costs involved, it can be necessary to go back and revise some of the options chosen, or remove some features.

Do not fear this step. Request changes or revisions to get the project to a stage you are comfortable with.

This is a natural progression point in all major projects. More often than not, there is another material available, or another timeline to consider – like saving the decks or garage for a project the following year – that will make achieving your exact vision a reality (without depleting the quality of your home).

So What Now?

The biggest feeling may be to give up. We get it, we’ve all been there. At B&B, we want to be there for you helping you through this stage. We understand this last step is full of very personal decisions, and requires thoughtful deliberation of answering the questions like “What do you most want to get out of your home?” and “What are the top 5 priorities?”. Once you feel you have those questions and thoughts answered, approach the drawing board again with our team of professionals.

Be Involved

Ask all your questions, state your ideas, and display any concerns or fears you may have. B&B Homes wants to build you a home that we ourselves would live in. That requires perseverance, flexibility, and honesty from both sides. Believe us when we say all the hard work at this stage, makes the reward at the end even better.

B&B Homes has earned the reputation for providing excellent quality RTM homes and prides itself on delivering superior customer service throughout the process. If you are ready to start planning a 2019 RTM project, reach out to us here for more information.

Keep Cozy in the Winters: Explore these Popular RTM Fireplace Options

There is no doubt about it that the prairies have some of the harshest winters out there. But there is a silver lining, and that is keeping cozy by the fire in the bitter cold months in the comfort of your own home.

There is no shortage of different options to customize a fireplace with lots of options available for aesthetic and function. Three popular options for B&B Homes clients are traditional wood burning, gas and electric fireplaces.

RTM fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces are a traditional option that have been heating homes naturally for decades. This tried and true style of fireplace requires a little more upkeep than more modern gas and electric options and is not as efficient at producing heat. But if the scent and ambiance of the burning logs is what you are after, the additional maintenance can be considered a labour of love when maintaining your wood supply and cleaning your chimney seasonally.

RTM gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces are a stylish, modern option that provide flexible heat and aesthetic options by efficiently burning natural gas or propane instead of wood. There are a number of options for gas logs that create the ambiance of your flame. Gas fireplaces are also enclosed, providing safety from embers without requiring any chimney maintenance. Gas fireplaces also provide an alternate heat source for the home.

RTM electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces allow you to have the visual of a fire without having to produce any actual heat allowing for use all year round to create a relaxing ambiance at your leisure. You could even get a tv stand with electric fire place built into it. This gives an extra level of aesthetic appeal. Most electric models B&B sources do give you the option for both flame and heat or just the flame. An environmentally conscious option, electric fireplaces do not use any gas or produce any emissions.

Do you want to warm up by your own brand new fireplace next winter? Are you ready to start planning your own custom RTM dream home with B&B’s Dream It, Build It, Move It process? Contact Suzanne directly at suzanne@bbhomes.ca to get started.

What’s Trending at B&B Homes

Here at B&B we have been seeing a big demand for cozy, rustic style homes.

The Redburn RTM

Warm brown tones, paired with distressed wood features and dark metal accents create this well sought after look.

The Redburn RTM

Adding in a stone clad fireplace and pine ceiling is another way to develop the rustic style.

Pine Ceiling


And finally complete the look with the little details.

Ensuite features



Whatever your style may be, the B&B team has the knowledge and expertise to pull it off. Visit our Facebook page, Instagram, and website to see more inspiring pictures. Contact B&B Homes to get started on your own custom home build.