Other Considerations Besides Price When Building an RTM

When shopping for a new RTM home, price is an important consideration but it is only one piece of the puzzle. There are other factors to consider for the home you plan to live in for years to come. When making this critical decision about where to invest and who to work with, consider the following:

Project Management and Communication

Once you give a deposit for an RTM Home the process is only beginning. Knowing where the project stands throughout and when it will be ready allows you to make accurate plans with realistic timelines for your family. B&B Homes has been using co-construct software on all of our projects for years to keep the lines of communication open and clear so that there are no hidden fees or surprises. Clients login and check the status of the various stages of the build and make decisions on their own time for features and upgrades. Co-construct removes the guessing out of an RTM project and helps alleviate any stress that could arise due to the transparency of the tool.

After Sales Support, Warranty and Insurance

After an RTM is delivered, the relationship shouldn’t end there. Is it in your contract that the builder will provide a personal guarantee or warranty on their work? How far will they have to travel to do any minor repairs in the first year? Know what will happen after the home is delivered too. Promises made during and after the project is complete are critical components of making sure you get a good deal you end up happy with. B&B Homes is insured both by the Progressive Home Warranty and the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty.

Experience of the RTM Building Company

How long have they been in business? When planning a custom home to suit your lifestyle, the quality of the trades, materials, and service delivery both before and after the home is delivered is paramount in managing both stress and the quality of the final product, your home. At the end of the day building a new home is an investment of a lifetime. Making sure you set up the project right on the onset means your dream home will not turn into a nightmare, but a fun and exciting project!  Know who you are working with before you sign the contract.

Checking References

We have worked with home owners that have had bad experiences with other builders that decided to come to us after being referred to B&B by their Mortgage Specialist. B&B Homes has a long list of customers that will give you information on what it is like to build with us. The relationship with your builder lasts on average a year and a half, make sure you like who you are working with!

Find a Lender that Specializes in RTM Mortgages

Find a lender that is considerate and caring of your needs throughout the mortgage loan process and is an expert in RTM financing. Mortgages for RTM’s are different than traditional mortgages, work with someone who knows the differences for a smoother process.  We work with Credit Unions, select banks and have a Mortgage Specialist we work with and trust. Let us know if you need an introduction, we have lenders we know and trust.

Custom Features, Upgrades and Design Consulting

The definition of “basic’ features is relative. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is when getting cost quotes per square foot from builders. We all know that cutting corners can backfire. At B&B Homes we have an on-site designer that can help draft custom home plans and assist in making decisions in everything from lighting to backsplash to make sure your dream concept becomes reality within your budget. B&B Homes also works to include everything needed in the original quote by collaborating with the homeowner to make sure their needs and selections are made before the contract is signed, preventing any surprises down the road.

Quality of the Moving Company

B&B Homes has worked with Neufeld Movers for over a decade. We know that we can trust their team to carefully set our client’s new RTM Home on a new foundation so we do not have to do any major repairs upon setting.

B&B Homes has built over 80 RTM homes and hires the best local trades to ensure that we can live up to our promise of delivering luxury RTM Homes to our happy and informed clients in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

How Long Does it Take to Build an RTM Home?

Planning a custom home is a once in a lifetime experience for many. Putting together a well thought out plan while getting all of the pieces of the puzzle together can take some time but this is not a process that you want to rush!

Building an RTM Home usually takes around six months if you need to get a design made and a mortgage from a lender. Your relationship with your builder will last beyond the project and into the warranty work. On average we stay well connected with our clients for up to 1.5 years. Make sure you like who you will be working with! Depending how custom you want your home to be or the size can influence this timeline.

Getting your design in place, the estimate where you want it, and lining up your mortgage are the core pieces of the project that will influence the timelines of you build getting started. You will want to take your time in the design planning process, so bank on one or more months, depending on the customization of your build. Additionally, your mortgage stage can have delays if your lender requires some leg work from you. The build itself, once everything is in place, has a set time frame.

Do not underestimate the time it can take to secure a mortgage (probably longer than you would think) or how long it will take for your design and blueprints to completely come together. . It never hurts to have time to spare between completing the initial stages and beginning your build.

Design & Project Details Overview

At this stage, clients collaborate their ideas with our designer, get a plan in place and can reserve their spot in the B&B Homes building schedule. Also during this time, clients get quotes for the foundation from B&B Homes, or their local contractor, a pre-approved mortgage and a local permit for the build (if required). Once the home’s completion and move dates are set, the client finalizes their mortgage and signs the official agreement with B&B Homes to get the project started. At this point, the clients approve the RTM final plans and begin making selections on Co-Construct so that B&B Homes can order materials for framing.


Building and Tailoring the Home

Once the design is finalized, you have a meeting with our designer to select all the components that go into your home. From there, B&B starts your build process. First, B&B completes the framing (floors, walls, roof). Then the first walk-through of the home takes place. Here, you verify with our designer all your electrical and plumbing rough-in locations. As well at the same time, all the exterior materials are being installed. Once the framing and electrical and plumbing rough-ins are complete, it is now time to insulate, drywall, paint, install interior doors and casings, flooring, cabinets, closets, and mirrors. During this time, clients can still make changes or decide to include any unique features that are not on the original plan, if it has been stated before the ordering of that phase has occurred. They can monitor their whole build and the different phases in Co-Construct.

winter build 2

Finishing Touches and Planning Moving Day

Almost done! B&B finishes the plumbing & electrical, lighting, applies the final paint, and cleans the house in preparation for the move date. The client reviews the home and gives the final approval before B&B Homes moves the home to the prepared foundation.
Moving day 3

During the move the homeowner is on site to verify the movers have everything they need to make sure the house is set down and taken care of. In the event that any work needs to be completed by B&B after the home settles, the client tracks what needs to be completed via the warranty list in Co-Construct. These items are covered by B&B Homes’ one year warranty guarantee and the home is also covered in the Saskatchewan New Home warranty as well.

Making the Most of Your Space: Planning for Storage Through Design

Get the most out of your space through smart design for storage and function. Custom cabinets and shelving units not only help you stay organized, but they will also help you get the most out of your storage capacities that are available within the square footage of your brand new RTM home.

B&B Homes works with a number of suppliers that can help you plan and customize this important consideration for your home that makes smart sense over the long run.

Mudrooms are a trend and popular feature of most of B&B Home’s latest projects. Lockers help everyone stay organized each season while having a little personal space to store your stuff.

Take into account all of the different areas of a home that you can organize with shelving, cabinets, and storage combined with what you already know about your lifestyle and make special accommodations for it when planning with our on-site designer Katia. She will help you navigate this part of your design plan while keeping your budget considerations in mind.

For more information on planning a custom RTM project or to book a site visit, contact Suzanne directly at suzanne@bbhomes.ca or via phone at 306-856-0073.

Planning a Dream Ensuite for an RTM

One of the most popular rooms to design and plan for in an RTM home is the ensuite. Considering you will be using this space regularly to freshen up for the day, carefully planning what you want for function and layout, the must have luxuries and considering what elements can add to the resale value of your home are the key parts of planning this popular room.

Features, Function and Storage

Do you like to take baths to unwind after a long day or is a double shower more practical for your daily routines? Custom shelving can allow you to make smart use of your space with practical storage. Heated floors will keep you cosy but may not make the budget! Add some tile surround to the deep soaker tub for some added elegance. Perhaps having different low level lighting options is key if you or your partner tend to make late night trips to the washroom.

Deciding your short list of requirements, will help you narrow down the endless options of how to incorporate creative finishes with a wide range of materials at your disposal for this special room.

The ensuite is a space you can customize to your preferences with different features and materials to showcase your personal style in a space you will be using every single day.

Planning for storage with custom cabinetry and shelving can help you maximize your space while having convenient access to your towels and toiletries.

One of the perks of planning a custom RTM over a home that is ready made, are the endless options you have to create your own sanctuary exclusively based on your choices. Working with our on-site designer Katia will help you to discover your preferences so you end up with a dream ensuite you love that still fits the budget!





Planning Artificial and Natural Light Through Design for an RTM Home

When planning a custom RTM, an important component of the overall design strategy is planning for natural and artificial lighting in the home that reflects the style and personality of your family.

One of the great things about working with B&B Homes on a brand new RTM, is that we have an on-site designer to walk you through the planning stages of this process to help you uncover the ambiance you wish to achieve through lighting. Below are the three main types of lighting:

Accent lighting: creates the mood/atmosphere of a room
Task lighting: highlights a specific function of a room (eg: home office area or in the kitchen cupboards)
Ambient lighting: provides the general illumination of a room

Window Positioning With Natural Light Considerations in Mind

For example, the south will allow for the most natural light so you may position your living room windows in this direction but perhaps not the bedrooms. Other things to consider include: What kind of lighting do you like and are naturally drawn to? What do you want to see when you look out your windows? Are you considering using solar energy?

Incorporating Contrast Between Rooms

Contrasting light to dark between rooms sets the tone for each transition as you move throughout the home. Do you want more drama between high and low contrast? Or another way of putting it, do you want strong or soft lighting in different rooms? Contrast will set the energy of a space, whether you want it to be more low key or exciting depends on what you plan to do in that area of the home.

Knowing the function and mood you want to create in each room will help you create a lighting scheme you will love over the course of the lifetime of your home.

Work with B&B Home’s designer Katia and plan a lighting scheme within your budget for your once in a lifetime investment.


Comparing Quotes from Different Builders

When kicking off your RTM research, determining what your family wants for design and features within your budget sets the framework for a potential project. Doing your due diligence and shopping and getting quotes from a few builders is a part of the process. Though everyone may offer the same services fundamentally, there may be a lot of differences outside of the price that need to be considered when you are at this critical consideration stage.

Make Sure You Are Not Comparing Apples with Oranges

The specifications and materials used when building a home will determine the life of it. Price isn’t everything and you will want to ensure that the home will have the durability to last a lifetime or longer. Also consider what all is included in the preliminary estimate. For example, when comparing a basement foundation quote, does it include the stairs and windows in the prelim estimate or will those fees be added in later on? No one likes surprises and it is critical to know if everything is included at the onset so no additional charges will come up into the project that were not previously discussed.

Checking References From Past Customers

Are there a lot of past clients endorsing the builder? B&B Homes has a long list of clients throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta that have helped us grow our company over the years. Both good and bad news travels fast, and you should ask a past client what their overall experience was like to help set your expectations for the project.

Work With Who You Feel Comfortable With

Are you going to be connected to the same people throughout the process or change hands? This can determine whether the project runs smoothly; if the team working on your project is informed of all the details; or may end up being more stressful because too many outside trades were needing to be organized and information passed on throughout the process.

Service Work and Warranty

It is important that there is a contingency if something happens after the project is finished. Does the builder guarantee their work? What happens after the project is over is also an important consideration.

Most builders should have relatively comparable quotes. If one stands out as substantially lower and seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is. When comparing, ensure that you are taking the full picture into consideration so you end up with a dream home that you are more than satisfied with.

Picking the Exterior Color Of Your Home (With the Help of a Designer)

Designing a custom home is an experience most only have once in their lifetime. The decisions for the layout and structure are important, as is the style that will create the ambiance. Creating a haven to relax in that makes you comfortable, both inside and out, is important to leave you with the satisfied feeling of loving your investment.

When choosing the styles, colors and finishes for you home, it is important to make sure that the exterior of the home is aligned with the interior and the colors harmonize.






Contrast with dark colors to highlight and draw more attention to details but stay within the same color family. Especially if you are considering using a different exterior finishes such as stone or bolder accents for your windows and front door.


Take landscape and nature cues and think about architectural details. Use wood for warmth or consider using light colors if you want your home to have a large and grand feel.


Most importantly, make sure that you LOVE the colours you are thinking of choosing. Changing your siding colour in a couple years is definitely not as easy as painting a new wall inside your home.  Sticking with this theme, or choosing colours on the neutral side is safest way to achieve long term satisfaction.

Contact B&B Homes to start designing your dream RTM home today!

How to Select Cabinets for a Brand New RTM Kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest decisions to make when planning a custom RTM home. The kitchen is also one of the most expensive rooms to finish in a new home. Before deciding what style of wood to use, colors and countertops, consider your lifestyle and what functions you will need to determine the appropriate durability, function and storage that will be necessary for you and your family over the long run.

Get started and learn more with: Guide to Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

Trendy or Traditional?

Are you the type to renovate your home when you are ready to make a change? Picking a traditional finishes may be more advantageous over the long run and prevent your cabinets from looking dated. Depending  on your personal style, if you are planning for a modern/contemporary home, you will want your cabinets to match accordingly. What is the look and feel of the space you want to prepare daily meals and entertain in?


Cabinet Science: The Structure and Components

There are three basic structural components to a cabinet: the box, the shelves and the drawers. Each can be constructed in a number of ways. Cabinets generally come four ways: boxed and ready to install in standard dimensions, boxed and ready to assemble, semicustom and custom. Read more here on cabinet materials.

Finish and Function

Cabinets are one of the most visible aspects of your kitchen design. At B&B we will make any home with the materials you wish. If you are looking for our advice or recommendation, we usually work with Maple Flat panel doors as a minimum standard in our RTM kitchens. This straight-forward style adds warmth and elegance to traditional and contemporary settings without blowing the budget, yet durable enough to stand the test of time.

Learn More of B&B Home’s: Standard Specifications Here


Read also: Cabinets 101: How to Get the Storage You Want

Bringing it All Together with Appliances and Countertops

Creating a vision with a designer helps you plan your colors,  appliances and countertops to match your cabinetry and pull off the look and function you are aiming for. All while maintaining the appropriate price points your budget can afford within your custom home project. Oftentimes our clients want to make the investment in granite or marble countertops since their RTM will be their forever home and the kitchen is the space in the home to plan for the most diligently.


For more information or to start planning and designing your dream kitchen, contact B&B Homes to get started.


Planning a Mudroom for an RTM Home.

The mudroom is a common design element that farmers and ranchers incorporate into their RTM homes as this side entrance is a popular entryway point into the home.

With smart planning and design, you can keep these areas neat, organized and styled to your lifestyle. Whether you want to put the laundry in this area with a sink for a double function, or a convenient half bath, the mudroom area can help the rest of your home stay clean and organized.

ironstone-mudroom                                                    Tile floors keep the area easy to clean and maintain.


Lockers, drawers, hooks and benches are also commonly found to help keep everyone’ outerwear and accessories tidy.


If you do not want to commit to a half bath in this area of your home, you can always add a sink to a connected laundry area to clean up in after working outside.

Eliminate the Upgrades When You Plan a Custom RTM Home.

At B&B Homes we pride ourselves in making a home special for each client. After building and delivering over 80 houses with a lot of great clients, we feel comfortable offering a RTM building methodology that builds trust in the process and leaves our customers happy with the home of their dreams.

Hear it from them: testimonials.

We Don’t Like the Term “Upgrades”

With the exception of the odd show home, each build we do is tailored exactly to the client we are working with. Through your ideas and the collaboration with our onsite designer Katia, we are able to create the home you want. We will create a home from scratch and plan for creative touches in design phase, then include everything you want into your quote, so we don’t  hit you with ‘upgrades’ later. Working with a builder that is conscious of your budget while finding ways to make things work, offers possibilities that buying a pre-built RTM or pre-fab home doesn’t allow.


Designing a Home Within Your Budget, What You See is What You Get

For most of our customers, their new RTM will be the home they will live in for the rest of their lives and likely pass down to their children. We work to have each home durable for the test of time while incorporating the special features that make the home special and unique to the homeowners it is going to.
The benefit of creating a home from scratch is that you are getting exactly what you want. Working with a builder that is conscious of your budget while finding ways to make things work offers possibilities that buying from a yard doesn’t allow.

Offering a Starting Point

Our philosophy is to build a home custom for each family.  This is why it is hard for us to answer what the cost is per square foot as each home ends up with unique finishes and features based on each clients” needs and wants. This is done through careful consideration in the design process. Realizing that those considering an RTM need a starting point, we do provide our minimum standards on existing designs to help our prospective clients make informed choices that allow a better comparison across RTM builders. Most of our homes range from 185,000 to 230,000 (not including moving charges).

View our standard specs we are very proud of here.

These are our minimum standards, though every quote we give to potential client includes the features they want to include so there are no surprises along the way and allows for modifications to the design and features accordingly before the project kicks off.


The possibilities are endless once you decide to make a home unique to your family. B&B is pleased to offer foundations, garages and hookups for all of our clients. For more information on how to get started on your own custom RTM project, contact us to get started!