The Value of Working with a Professional Designer for an RTM

Anyone can draw up a floor plan, but when it comes to creating a design for your forever home and selecting the features and finishes, you are going to want expert advice that you can trust throughout the planning and building process. Smart design prevents unnecessary renovations down the road. Like when you book a hotel room, you will have expectations about what kind of experience you want to have for what you are willing to pay.

B&B Homes takes pride in offering unlimited creative options to design a home with the counsel of our onsite designer Katia, who will guide your decision making and planning all the way through. From letting you know what you can pull off in your floor plan within your square foot, to going shopping for lighting fixtures and flooring with you, she will be along for the whole ride when it comes to your RTM project.

We must admit, Katia is part of B&B Home’s secret sauce for delivering a premium RTM building experience. Keeping a strong relationship onsite between the designer and the building crew has lead to a lot of beautiful custom RTM homes.

“We are very pleased with the final product of our customized home with the help of our designer Katia. The entire B & B staff was very professional and easy to work with throughout the entire process.”

-Mike & Shannon Palmier

Hear more about the B&B Home’s RTM building process from past B&B Home’s clients here.

Getting Financing & Timelines for an RTM Project

There are a few different phases of an RTM project before the exciting moving day when a brand new RTM arrives at your foundation location. One of the most important aspects that needs to be in place in order to kick-off a project is securing financing from a lender.

When you are pursuing financing for an RTM project some things that they may ask for include:

• You often must own the land you plan to build on or need to coordinate the mortgage around this purchase (changing land titles can delay a project so start asap if you need to do this)
• You will need a contract or purchase of sale with terms spelled out by the builder including obligations for each party
• Some lenders will request a copy of your blueprints for the project
• Homeowners will need to purchase insurance for when the home is on the foundation (B&B Homes and the moving company insure you before the RTM arrives)
• RTM homeowners often require a building permit to ensure your project complies with local and national code (this can be done through your local municipality and can also cause delays so reach out to them early in your planning)
• A water test is often a requirement for a mortgage (be prepared for them to ask you for one)
• The home must be anchored to a foundation (not placed on a slab)
• The lender will need to release funds before the home is delivered on-site

B&B Homes requires different payment draws at different stages of the project that will need to be approved by your lender. For example, a deposit is due to commence the project, a schedule of payment draws will follow with a final payment due before the home leaves the yard. Contact Suzanne to learn more about B&B Home’s payment draws or to request an introduction to our preferred mortgage specialist.

Please note: Some lenders (such as FCC and others) may ask you to show proof of insurance from the builder and moving company. We are happy to provide this information at your request.

Once you have your estimate and blueprints prepared and financing in place, the build itself will begin to move very quickly compared to the planning phase of the project.

For more information on the different stages of the project, visit the RTM Project Timeline Roadmap.

Considerations When Designing a Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is one of the fun parts to plan when designing your own custom RTM home. When visioning your layout, you need to be conscious that there is enough traffic space so you can be comfortable doing multiple tasks at a time in the kitchen, making the space functional. You also need to think about space for things like seating; you might need to leave a good amount of room for chairs. We would recommend for you to buy barstools for this as it will take up the least amount of space and make sitting at a kitchen island easy. Don’t forget about lighting either! The right sort of lighting can make or break a kitchen island – we usually recommend some sort of long hanging pendant for this. See, there’s a lot to think about isn’t there? Let’s review some more ideas for designing a kitchen island when planning a custom RTM home project.

Double sink in the island area while allowing for enough space from the range to move around the space for the busy multi-taskers.

You may prefer prairie views when doing this dishes and opt for family meals on an easy to clean and maintain quartz countertop.

No wasted space if you plan for storage in advance.

Create an ambiance based on your personal style and preferences to prepare daily meals. A rustic look can be achieved with custom cabinetry and lighting fixtures to compliment.

Plan your own custom RTM dream home with B&B’s Dream It, Build It, Move It process. Contact Suzanne directly at to get started.

Preparing for a 2018 Spring/Summer RTM Delivery

With fall coming full steam ahead and harvest wrapping up, it may be time to consider planning your RTM for a 2018 spring/summer delivery.

Not sure where to start? Check out the RTM Project Roadmap page on our website to see how the process is broken down into different pieces and phases.

It is never too early to start, so you can take your time in the process, as it is common that not enough time is allocated for design, quoting and obtaining financing. The build itself, once started, goes by quickly! There are however a few time intensive steps to take before you get there.

Below are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to work with B&B Homes on an RTM project.

Custom RTM Design Services

B&B Homes offers custom design services to all of our clients. Katia, our on-site designer will work with you to create a floor plan that meets your lifestyle needs, overall aesthetic preferences and will help you to stay within your overall budget. To learn more about the custom design process, visit here.

Efficient Project Management

B&B Homes offers a full suite of services making for a seamless experience including: foundation, basement, garage, deck and hook up services. B&B Homes recommends ICF basement foundations but will also complete wood basements upon request.

B&B Homes is now on Instagram! Follow us @BBHomes07 or click the image below to access visual inspiration from B&B Home’s projects. #DreamItBuildItMoveIt

For more information on planning a custom RTM project or to book a site visit, contact Suzanne directly at or via phone at 306-856-0073.

Framing the B&B Homes Way

When planning to build a custom RTM home, building methodology matters. We have built almost 90 homes and have discovered the B&B Homes formula for success when framing an RTM home to last a lifetime. Below are some of the steps that we take to frame the “B&B Homes way”. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions you have about the process.

All B&B floors are constructed using a double 1 ¾” LVL (laminated veneer lumber) on the both the front and the back of the floor system. They are glued and nailed together forming a strong 3 ½” perimeter for the floor system. LVL’s are a high-strength engineered wood product. One of the main advantages is that it can be manufactured, to almost any length, avoiding joints which lead to weak spots. LVL’s are comparable in strength to solid timber, concrete, and steel. This helps minimize floor movement during loading and unloading of the home, as well as during the move. In adding this wood product to our methodology, we have found our floor systems to be sturdier and more durable.

framing RTM

In any spot where we will be installing bath hardware (eg. hand towel holder, toilet paper holder, & bath towel rod), we install backing in the wall during the framing stage. This requires planning ahead on our part, but is well worth it! Who likes to have a loose hand towel holder, or worse yet, have one that continually falls off the wall?

We use high quality acrylic bath and shower fixtures. They all come as one piece units and get installed during the framing stage. They also come with a protective film to eliminate any damage to the finish during the build. The major benefits of using these one piece units, is that you will never have a problem with moisture getting behind the tub or shower, that could create mould in your wall.

For more information on B&B Home’s RTM process, visit here.

Building an RTM Home with Mobility and Accessibility for All Lifestyles.

mobility access RTM

Your home is your sanctuary to recharge and take care of you well-being. At B&B Homes we know how important mobility and accessibility can be for those that have a disability or are aging. B&B Homes designs homes for all needs and lifestyles so you can live life with comfort and ease. One of the great things about building custom homes is being able to make anyone feel comfortable in their surroundings through design.

Below are a few examples of what we can do to make a home suit anyone’s lifestyle, disability and personal preference:

  • In home elevators
  • Custom hallway space for a wheel chair or a handrail to help support movement through
  • Custom 36″ wide doorways
  • Bedrooms and doors that remove the need to make turns in hallways
  • Open concept in the kitchen, dining and living room areas
  • Vanities open under the sink and lowered so that a wheel chair can wheel up to it
  • A lower eating ledge on the island for the same comforts as above with a built in microwave placed lower with rollout shelves in the pantry
  • A 5′ unobstructed turning radius in the bathroom
  • Grab bars by toilet, and all around bathtub in bathroom
  • Custom closet systems

If you want to learn more about designing a custom RTM Homes that suites your personal needs and preferences, contact B&B Homes for more information.

Custom Cabinets, Shelfware and Closets for an RTM

At B&B Homes we love building a plan from the ground up and incorporating as many custom features as a family is interested in, it is in fact what we are all about! All of our kitchen cabinetry is made for each home individually. But it doesn’t stop here though, we offer custom shelfware for closets and mudrooms too.

See some samples below for ideas from past projects and get some ideas for your own RTM project.

pantry RTM

With ample space for your groceries, no more discretion is necessary on those Costco runs!

closet RTM

Having some extra space to organize your clothes and get ready in for the day is a luxury you can incorporate into your daily routine in your master suite.

Custom closet shelfware allows your family to keep it all organized while you are trying to keep it altogether.

mudroom RTM

The mudroom area with side entrance has become a popular choice for B&B clients

closet RTM

When planning a custom RTM project with B&B Homes, not only can you have fun creating a theme for your home, but you can also create and design an organizational plan that makes sense too! 


Using Pinterest and Houzz for Design Inspiration for an RTM Home

When planning a custom RTM, one of the fun parts is picking your finishes, colors and the overall theme of your future home. B&B Home’s onsite designer works with you to help you plan a custom RTM that suites your family’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Though you may not be ready right away to dive into an RTM project at this moment, you can get started in your planning by determining some of your preferences through inspiration boards.

Houzz and Pinterest are both great websites to get inspiration from that will help you decide on different aspects for your home. Below are some different areas of the home to research that will help you prepare for a selections meeting with our designer Katia.

using pinterest


Most importantly, the earlier you provide inspiration pictures and let us know your ideas in advance, the sooner we can better quote your project with an even more accurate number right off the bat.

B&B Homes prides itself on being a truly custom RTM home provider. We will source any material and are happy to grant any request. We are open to and love new ideas! Dream It, Build It, Move It with B&B Homes.

Explore the Different Uses of Tile

For most when you think of tile you think bathroom. This versatile material can be used in a lot of different styles and contexts to add some flair to different rooms in your home. Explore the different uses of tile for inspiration for your custom RTM project.

did you know tile could do this?

Add a feature wall into your bedroom.

explore different uses of tile

Add some character in your dining areas.

explore different uses of tile

explore the different uses of tile

Are you inspired by all of the different uses of tile yet? At B&B Homes we love to incorporate new features and designs into all of our custom homes. Dream It, Build It, Move It with B&B Homes.

For more information on planning a custom RTM project or to book a site visit, contact Suzanne directly at or via phone at 306-856-0073. Book a site visit to tour current projects here.


Protecting an RTM Home From the Start

From the start when planning for an RTM home, you need to make sure that this long term investment is safe and structurally durable for the long life of the home. Many of our homes are being built on family farms that will be passed down to their children. At B&B Homes, we have spent over 10 years learning best practices for both building and materials used to protect our homes from both harsh prairie weather and the test of time in general.

Planning to Protect Your Investment of a Lifetime

B&B Homes Uses a 5″ Engineered Screw to Tie the Roof Trusses in with the Interior and Exterior Walls

Typically it is not a builders standard practice to attach the roof trusses to the interior and exterior walls. However, at B&B Homes, this is a standard practice for each of our homes we build.We use a 5″ full-threaded shank screw at each point where the bottom cord of the truss intersects with an interior or exterior wall. This not only ensures the stability and integrity of the home during the move, but it also effectively withstands extreme prairie weather such as storms, wind, and heavy snowfalls.

Key Benefits include:

  • Highly stable roof system
  • Minimum worries in wall cracks
  • Helps reduce truss lift in winter (reducing drywall repairs)

B&B Homes Build with a 12″ Heel Height Rather than 7″ for Energy Efficiency as Our Standard

A raised-heel (12″) truss (also called high-heel or energy truss) features a vertical member at the bearing point that raises the top chord of the truss 12″ above the bottom chord. This design at B&B Homes creates an extra 5″ of insulation above your interior walls to reduce heat loss between the attic and your living space, therefore creating a more energy-efficient environment. This is great for people who want to save money when it comes to their energy bills. However, in the cold winter months, this heat loss tactic will not be able to provide the warmth that a heating system will. These Heating Services in Durham will be able to install a heating system that tackles the cold air that may enter your home during winter. As a side note, if you are currently moving into your house, make sure you get the right energy provider for you. You don’t want to be spending more money then you have to. If you are still looking and aren’t sure about who to use, then it might be worthwhile checking out something like these TriEagle Energy reviews to give you a better idea of who you can use.

To help you keep your energy bills down, then the design at B&B Homes is great for helping you achieve that. Combined with proper air sealing and attic ventilation, this system is critical to lowering energy demands on a home’s heating and cooling equipment and reducing moisture problems such as ice dams or mold growth. This is an ideal solution for anyone who has an air conditioning system in their homes, however, if you don’t yet have one installed it’s probably best to as this can prevent ice dams and mold growth from forming due to having proper air circulation within the home. Get in contact with some like CJS Heating & Air, or similar, to see how they can add this benefit for you.

Key Benefits Include of this system:

  • Reduction of heat loss (higher energy efficiency)
  • Prevents ice damming
  • Longer life span on heating/cooling equipment

Working with an In-House Designer

Smart design based on your family’s lifestyle prevents unnecessary renovations down the road. Working with a professionally educated designer creates endless opportunities and possibilities for your home with the advice of an expert. You are not limited to standard plans; we can either revise a plan you bring us or we can create your family a custom plan. Since everything is happening in-house, the communication between the designer and builder is stronger, and your timeline throughout the design phase is shorter. It does not stop at custom plans. Once you are in the build process you have access to many different custom finishes and options for your home. Our designer will help alleviate the overwhelming amount of all the selections out there, while being able to help you achieve the “look” that you are after.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Not limited; get the home you want
  • Strong connection between the designer & builder
  • Alleviates stress in entire process

B&B Homes Uses Fir Plywood Rather than OSB for Subflooring

There are some major differences between plywood and OSB subflooring. At B&B Homes we understand these differences building over 80 custom RTM homes. A major disadvantage of OSB is that if it gets exposed to water or moisture, the edges expand up to 15%, especially if they are cut edges. This may cause damages or an uneven floor. If Plywood gets wet, it will return to its normal size more rapidly and consistently than OSB over time.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Even floor surfaces
  • Better living experience
  • No squeaky sounds down the road

Homes Service & Warranty After the Home is Delivered

B&B Homes has one of the best service and warranty procedures in the RTM industry and we are proud of it. We make sure all our service work is taken care of before you move in no matter where you live in Saskatchewan and Alberta. In a typical scenario, this work happens within 4-6 weeks after the move. Then again at your one year anniversary we do another thorough walk through of your home and repair any issues that came up within the last year.

Contact us for a site tour to view here.

At B&B Homes, we are lucky to be able to work all year round building RTM Homes, streamlining the process at our site then shipping the homes throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. We invite anyone interested in learning more about the RTM process to check out our featured show homes and join our Facebook community to learn more about the RTM process and get some design inspiration.

“B & B Homes was able to move up our delivery date and hired an amazing crew that immediately eased my worries regarding the placement of our home on the foundation! Thank you B & B Homes for walking us through the building process, answering all our questions and concerns, and providing us with our beautiful home we love
Mandi Odynski & Jesse Corcoran