Framing the B&B Homes Way

When planning to build a custom RTM home, building methodology matters. We have built almost 90 homes and have discovered the B&B Homes formula for success when framing an RTM home to last a lifetime. Below are some of the steps that we take to frame the “B&B Homes way”. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions you have about the process.

All B&B floors are constructed using a double 1 ¾” LVL (laminated veneer lumber) on the both the front and the back of the floor system. They are glued and nailed together forming a strong 3 ½” perimeter for the floor system. LVL’s are a high-strength engineered wood product. One of the main advantages is that it can be manufactured, to almost any length, avoiding joints which lead to weak spots. LVL’s are comparable in strength to solid timber, concrete, and steel. This helps minimize floor movement during loading and unloading of the home, as well as during the move. In adding this wood product to our methodology, we have found our floor systems to be sturdier and more durable.

framing RTM

In any spot where we will be installing bath hardware (eg. hand towel holder, toilet paper holder, & bath towel rod), we install backing in the wall during the framing stage. This requires planning ahead on our part, but is well worth it! Who likes to have a loose hand towel holder, or worse yet, have one that continually falls off the wall?

We use high quality acrylic bath and shower fixtures. They all come as one piece units and get installed during the framing stage. They also come with a protective film to eliminate any damage to the finish during the build. The major benefits of using these one piece units, is that you will never have a problem with moisture getting behind the tub or shower, that could create mould in your wall.

For more information on B&B Home’s RTM process, visit here.

Building an RTM Home with Mobility and Accessibility for All Lifestyles.

mobility access RTM

Your home is your sanctuary to recharge and take care of your well-being. At B&B Homes we know how important mobility and accessibility can be for those that have a disability or are aging. For both of these situations there is home care available, for instance, there are a lot of services for disability home care sydney area. Those with these sorts of support will need accessible utilities and space to move around properly, so that this care can be as comfortable and stress free as possible. It means that the elderly and the disabled can stay in the comfort of their own home while being professionally cared for as well. Those who are in need of the services B&B can offer are often people who look for a long-term disability insurance quote and what their options are when it comes to finances. B&B Homes designs homes for all needs and lifestyles so you can live life with comfort and ease. One of the great things about building custom homes is being able to make anyone feel comfortable in their surroundings through design. For some, a conventional bathroom just won’t work but thankfully, with the help of companies like Practical Bathing, any bathroom can become a functional space in a home, making any homeowner feel comfortable at home. Whether it’s a modified bath, altered toilet, or a large shower, every bathroom can be designed how it’s needed.

Below are a few examples of what we can do to make a home suit anyone’s lifestyle, disability and personal preference:

  • In home elevators
  • Custom hallway space for a wheel chair or a handrail to help support movement through
  • Custom 36″ wide doorways
  • Bedrooms and doors that remove the need to make turns in hallways
  • Open concept in the kitchen, dining and living room areas
  • Vanities open under the sink and lowered so that a wheel chair can wheel up to it
  • A lower eating ledge on the island for the same comforts as above with a built in microwave placed lower with rollout shelves in the pantry
  • A 5′ unobstructed turning radius in the bathroom
  • Grab bars by toilet, and all around bathtub in bathroom
  • Custom closet systems

If you want to learn more about designing a custom RTM Homes that suites your personal needs and preferences, contact B&B Homes for more information.

Custom Cabinets, Shelfware and Closets for an RTM

At B&B Homes we love building a plan from the ground up and incorporating as many custom features as a family is interested in, it is in fact what we are all about! All of our kitchen cabinetry is made for each home individually. But it doesn’t stop here though, we offer custom shelfware for closets and mudrooms too.

See some samples below for ideas from past projects and get some ideas for your own RTM project.

pantry RTM

With ample space for your groceries, no more discretion is necessary on those Costco runs!

closet RTM

Having some extra space to organize your clothes and get ready in for the day is a luxury you can incorporate into your daily routine in your master suite.

Custom closet shelfware allows your family to keep it all organized while you are trying to keep it altogether.

mudroom RTM

The mudroom area with side entrance has become a popular choice for B&B clients

closet RTM

When planning a custom RTM project with B&B Homes, not only can you have fun creating a theme for your home, but you can also create and design an organizational plan that makes sense too! 


Using Pinterest and Houzz for Design Inspiration for an RTM Home

When planning a custom RTM, one of the fun parts is picking your finishes, colors and the overall theme of your future home. B&B Home’s onsite designer works with you to help you plan a custom RTM that suites your family’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Though you may not be ready right away to dive into an RTM project at this moment, you can get started in your planning by determining some of your preferences through inspiration boards.

Houzz and Pinterest are both great websites to get inspiration from that will help you decide on different aspects for your home. Below are some different areas of the home to research that will help you prepare for a selections meeting with our designer Katia.

using pinterest


Most importantly, the earlier you provide inspiration pictures and let us know your ideas in advance, the sooner we can better quote your project with an even more accurate number right off the bat.

B&B Homes prides itself on being a truly custom RTM home provider. We will source any material and are happy to grant any request. We are open to and love new ideas! Dream It, Build It, Move It with B&B Homes.

Explore the Different Uses of Tile

For most when you think of tile you think bathroom. This versatile material can be used in a lot of different styles and contexts to add some flair to different rooms in your home. Explore the different uses of tile for inspiration for your custom RTM project.

did you know tile could do this?

Add a feature wall into your bedroom.

explore different uses of tile

Add some character in your dining areas.

explore different uses of tile

explore the different uses of tile

Are you inspired by all of the different uses of tile yet? At B&B Homes we love to incorporate new features and designs into all of our custom homes. Dream It, Build It, Move It with B&B Homes.

For more information on planning a custom RTM project or to book a site visit, contact Suzanne directly at or via phone at 306-856-0073. Book a site visit to tour current projects here.


How Long Does it Take to Build an RTM Home?

Planning a custom home is a once in a lifetime experience for many. Putting together a well thought out plan while getting all of the pieces of the puzzle together can take some time but this is not a process that you want to rush!

Building an RTM Home usually takes around six months if you need to get a design made and a mortgage from a lender. Your relationship with your builder will last beyond the project and into the warranty work. On average we stay well connected with our clients for up to 1.5 years. Make sure you like who you will be working with! Depending how custom you want your home to be or the size can influence this timeline.

Getting your design in place, the estimate where you want it, and lining up your mortgage are the core pieces of the project that will influence the timelines of your build getting started. You will want to take your time in the design planning process, so bank on one or more months, depending on the customization of your build. Additionally, your mortgage stage can have delays if your lender requires some leg work from you. The build itself, once everything is in place, has a set time frame.

Do not underestimate the time it can take to secure a mortgage (probably longer than you would think) or how long it will take for your design and blueprints to completely come together. . It never hurts to have time to spare between completing the initial stages and beginning your build.

Design & Project Details Overview

At this stage, clients collaborate their ideas with our designer, get a plan in place and can reserve their spot in the B&B Homes building schedule. Also during this time, clients get quotes for the foundation from B&B Homes, or their local contractor, a pre-approved mortgage and a local permit for the build (if required). Once the home’s completion and move dates are set, the client finalizes their mortgage and signs the official agreement with B&B Homes to get the project started. At this point, the clients approve the RTM final plans and begin making selections on Co-Construct so that B&B Homes can order materials for framing.


Building and Tailoring the Home

Once the design is finalized, you have a meeting with our designer to select all the components that go into your home. From there, B&B starts your build process. First, B&B completes the framing (floors, walls, roof). Then the first walk-through of the home takes place. Here, you verify with our designer all your electrical and plumbing rough-in locations so you can begin to look for a plumbing company and an electrician. As well at the same time, all the exterior materials are being installed. Once the framing and electrical and plumbing rough-ins are complete, it is now time to insulate, drywall, paint, install modern interior doors and casings, flooring, cabinets, closets, and mirrors. During this time, clients can still make changes or decide to include any unique features that are not on the original plan, if it has been stated before the ordering of that phase has occurred. They can monitor their whole build and the different phases in Co-Construct.

winter build 2

Finishing Touches and Planning Moving Day

Almost done! B&B finishes the plumbing & electrical, lighting, applies the final paint, and cleans the house in preparation for the move date. It is important that the plumbing services of the house have been done before fitting anything else, as if there is a problem with the plumbing, it could impact the rest of the house too. As a result of this, the move in date may be pushed back. There won’t be a problem if you have trusted plumbers and contractors completing the work. The client then reviews the home and gives the final approval before B&B Homes moves the home to the prepared foundation.
Moving day 3

During the move the homeowner is on site to verify the movers have everything they need to make sure the house is set down and taken care of, such as ensuring the works have been completed. In the event that any work needs to be completed by B&B after the home settles, the client tracks what needs to be completed via the warranty list in Co-Construct. These items are covered by B&B Homes’ one year warranty guarantee and the home is also covered in the Saskatchewan New Home warranty as well.

Picking the Exterior Color Of Your Home

Designing a custom home is an experience most only have once in their lifetime. The decisions for the layout and structure are important, as is the style that will create the ambiance. Picking the exterior color of the home is no exception. Creating a haven to relax in that makes you comfortable, both inside and out, is important to leave you with the satisfying feeling of loving your investment.

When choosing the styles, colors, and finishes for you home, it is important to make sure that the exterior of the home is aligned with the interior and the colors harmonize.

picking the exterior color



Contrast with dark colors to highlight and draw more attention to details but stay within the same color family. Especially if you are considering using different exterior finishes such as stone or bolder accents for your windows and front door. If you are struggling to find any replacement windows and doors for your home, then it may be in your best interest to have a look at lifetime windows and doors in your area for more information and ideas.


Take landscape and nature cues and think about architectural details. Use wood for warmth or consider using light colors if you want your home to have a large and grand feel.

picking the exterior color

Most importantly, make sure that you LOVE the colors you are thinking of choosing. Changing your siding color in a couple of years is definitely not as easy as painting a new wall inside your home. Sticking with this theme, or choosing colors on the neutral side is the safest way to achieve long term satisfaction. Finding the right color for your home could be a long process, especially if you want to make sure that it fits in with the rest of your exterior design vision and it can be hard if you want to make sure that you get it as close to this as possible. That is why some people may even decide to check out something similar to Alco Products siding to replace this aspect of your house altogether. By doing it this way, it can offer your house with more protection than what paint can do. Ultimately, the decision is yours and if you decide to find a new color for your siding, then it is important that you find one that best fits in with your vision. Once you find a new color for your siding, you might want to consider contacting an expert James Hardie Siding installs company to make sure the siding is fitted properly to your home. Homeowners should really consider getting siding installed as it is low maintenance and also offers pest resistance too, much more than paint usually offers. However, you need to make a decision for yourself.

If you decide to paint your home, you need to find some colors. Once you have chosen your colors you’re going to want to make sure your exterior entrances and windows are suitable to stay in place before you paint them. If they are perhaps not as efficient at storing energy within your home you might want to look at replacing them with something similar to these exterior fiberglass doors and then finally paint your desired colors.

Contact B&B Homes to start designing your dream RTM home today!

Eliminate the Upgrades When You Plan a Custom RTM Home.

At B&B Homes we pride ourselves in making a home special for each client. After building and delivering over 80 houses with a lot of great clients, we feel comfortable offering a RTM building methodology that builds trust in the process and leaves our customers happy with the home of their dreams. We do not include upgrades in our options since every home is quoted to each family individually we are working with, making it a feature that was chosen specifically for them.

Hear it from them: testimonials.

We Don’t Like the Term “Upgrades”

With the exception of the odd show home, each build we do is tailored exactly to the client we are working with. Through your ideas and the collaboration with our onsite designer Katia, we are able to create the home you want. We will create a home from scratch and plan for creative touches in design phase, then include everything you want into your quote, so we don’t  hit you with ‘upgrades’ later. Working with a builder that is conscious of your budget while finding ways to make things work, offers possibilities that buying a pre-built RTM or pre-fab home doesn’t allow.


Designing a Home Within Your Budget, What You See is What You Get

For most of our customers, their new RTM will be the home they will live in for the rest of their lives and likely pass down to their children. We work to have each home durable for the test of time while incorporating the special features that make the home special and unique to the homeowners it is going to.
The benefit of creating a home from scratch is that you are getting exactly what you want. Working with a builder that is conscious of your budget while finding ways to make things work offers possibilities that buying from a yard doesn’t allow.

Offering a Starting Point

Our philosophy is to build a home custom for each family.  This is why it is hard for us to answer what the cost is per square foot as each home ends up with unique finishes and features based on each clients” needs and wants. This is done through careful consideration in the design process. Realizing that those considering an RTM need a starting point, we do provide our minimum standards on existing designs to help our prospective clients make informed choices that allow a better comparison across RTM builders. Most of our homes range from 185,000 to 230,000 (not including moving charges).

View our standard specs we are very proud of here.

These are our minimum standards, though every quote we give to potential client includes the features they want to include so there are no surprises along the way and allows for modifications to the design and features accordingly before the project kicks off.

ironstone showhome specific upgrades

The possibilities are endless once you decide to make a home unique to your family. B&B is pleased to offer foundations, garages and hookups for all of our clients. For more information on how to get started on your own custom RTM project, contact us to get started!

Audio and Home Theater Systems for an RTM Home.

There lots of factors, decisions and steps to take when planning a new RTM home. At B&B, we pride ourselves in making the whole process as smooth and seamless as possible. Planning an audio and home theater set up in the planning stages saves you hassle down the road if you get your wiring done right from the onset. If you’re planning on implementing Graham Slee Hifi equipment into your audio setup, then plan accordingly.

Whether it is time to go all out in your dream home or plan for future set ups and upgrades, home audio is a consideration that should be planned for before the walls come up on your brand new RTM Home.

Do you want to listen to soothing music as you sit in your deep soaker tub or hook up outdoor AV for BBQ’s and gardening tunes or set up your basement home cinema? You can and the possibilities with home audio today are endless.

Getting Your Wiring Set Up for the Right System with a Plan in Place

Whether you have your own preferred home audio vendor or want to work with one of ours, B&B Homes will collaborate with your provider to ensure that the wiring is done for your ideal system set up for the long term. This is a great time to get all of the wiring you need both now and for your vision for the future to optimize the labour and wiring set up that will already be taking place. If you need an option to do this, you can visit their website here. These electricians, or a good local firm, will be able to help set up everything you need on the wire side.

audio and home theater

Whether you are ready to finish a basement right away or plan a future home theatre system down the road, getting the wiring set up in advance, by companies such as, can help streamline set up in the future.

audio and home theater

Whether you are looking at smart home technology to have audio in every room or pick up a television program in another room at the same spot, consulting with an audio technician can help you set up the framework of your home audio plans. B&B Homes will install the wires and some of the speakers as part of our process in making your custom home special and unique for your family.

To plan your own audio and home theater system with your own custom RTM home, contact B&B Homes.

Getting an RTM Home Ready for Seasonal Changes.

At B&B Homes, we are so excited for our in house-designer Katia who will be celebrating her upcoming wedding. She will taking some holidays during this special time and will be away until October 11th. When she is back, she will be able to take on the post harvest designs for future RTM homeowners that are ready for their new digs spring 2017.

Maintaining an RTM home, like any other home, requires some upkeep to prevent damages, safety concerns and overall protection from wear and tear of the life of the home. As we head into fall, there are a few areas to consider for some home chore duties to catch up on before winter creeps in.

Maintaining Your Windows for Energy Efficiency

Maintaining your windows is critical to maintaining the longevity of your RTM home investment, while decreasing the need for repairs down the road. As the seasons change, you will want to check and make sure your windows are functioning properly by checking the sealing and examining for them for moisture damage. In triple or double pane windows you should check for water condensation. Maintaining the sealing procedure is inexpensive and key to maintaining your home’s energy efficiency when done regularly.

two story rtm 2

Guarding Your RTM Home Against Humidity

Whether you have lived in an RTM home for a few years or have only recently moved or are planning for an RTM, you need to be careful of this time of year when it comes to dealing with humidity as the seasons change. Moisture and humidity problems are classified as regular maintenance issues and are not covered by B&B Home’s or any of our third parties’ warranties. It is super important that you are aware of the dangers to prevent damages so you can take the appropriate steps to avoid incurring costly repairs. You may need to contact a company like who can help with ONE HOUR HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING services to see how they can help reduce humidity in your home during high heat seasons, preventing maintenance problems.To learn more about this topic visit below.

Read More: RTM Maintenance: Protecting Your Home From Humidity and Moisture

Tuning Up the Fireplace

Keeping your home warm during the harsh winters is key to staying comfortable during the cold months while saving on the energy bills. Before the cold season creeps in and you decide to turn on your fireplace, ensure that you schedule your maintenance and safety inspection for wood-burning fireplaces. This may result in a cleaning recommendation, depending on how much you use it. If you have an electric or gas fireplace, you have less to concern yourself with. We recommend cleaning the fireplace glass at least twice a year (spring/fall) with a proper fireplace glass cleaner since the materials from other chemical-based cleaning products may not preserve the look at of the glass.

mountain view fireplace RTM

Replacing Furnace Filters for Optimal Performance

Fall is the best time to give your furnace a tune-up. We recommend hiring a professional (like, for instance) to come and inspect every two years. If you notice that your furnace isn’t working as it should, it may need a repair. A company like Energy Pro Heating & Cooling (check it out here!), will be happy to come and inspect your furnace to see if there are any issues with it. It’s so important to make sure your furnace is working properly by getting it regularly maintained too. On those cold winter nights, a furnace is often essential. To keep yours functioning, it’s so important to get your heater maintained by a company that can offer top ranking furnace repair services. That should prevent the heater from breaking, ensuring all necessary repairs are completed. If your house has a lot of dust, pets, or any smokers, you will want to change your filter more often. A simple eye test to see how clean the filter is will help you gauge if it is time to change your filter and to keep your furnace running optimally. If there is a lot of hair and dust particles surrounding the filter, bring out the vacuum before making the switch and clean the area. Filter lifespans depend on the quality of the filter you purchase and your family’s lifestyle, your furnace filter should be changed every 1-6 months accordingly.

By creating a routine every fall, you can get in a home maintenance flow that won’t take much time each year and will prevent future problems.