Building a Functional Layout with Vaulted Ceilings for a Mantario Family.

The Massey’s had recently moved from a mid-sized Saskatchewan city back into a 1939 farmhouse in the yard of their family farm. They were planning to renovate the existing home on the property, but after only a few weeks of living in it, they decided to build brand new. They just had a newborn son and their daughter was only three, so they wanted to make plans with the long term in mind. They would have had to move to renovate and the costs in their heads were adding up very quickly. Even with a very costly renovation, the house still wouldn’t have met their needs as a young family so it made the decision easy to start planning a custom RTM home that would.

Choosing the Right Builder for Their RTM Project

Delia spent about a month checking out different builders, styles, financing, moving costs, etc. Since she was at home with her kids on maternity leave, she had quite a bit of time to commit to the process. The Massey’s were looking for quality and start to finish contracting. They were surprised how many RTM builders there were in the Saskatoon area alone and that could deliver to their remote farm. A company that did a project start to finish was very helpful especially when it came to attaining financing for the entire project.

“Having this super functional, gorgeous place to call home and my kids having their own spaces is what I like the most living in our new home”. – Delia Massey

What advice would you give to someone planning an RTM project now that yours is over?

“I have a few major pieces of advice. First, get your financing in order long before you plan to start building. That was a very long three months in our case and held things up on our end. Especially when we were so anxious to start!

Trust me when I say that I researched pricing. I must have got 6-8 basement quotes and not a single one covered everything B&B did OR was less than their price. We also thought we could do our garage cheaper locally. Though we have a fantastic local contractor, it’s definitely cost us more. B&B is very competitive and if I could go back and sign that contract for everything at the beginning, I would. Costs fluctuate on material and that would have saved us a lot of money.

It’s a big commitment so always plan to spend more as there are a lot of things that with keep coming up for years (parging, deck, basement finishing, etc.) But no matter where and how you live, you have to pay to live and paying to live in the house of our dreams is worth it!” – Delia Massey

What Did You Like About Working with B&B Homes?

“Having an in house designer helped a lot. All the selections are very overwhelming and Katia was very helpful in helping to make decisions.
Also, this is a family owned and operated company. The first person we met face to face was Travis as he accommodated us visiting on a weekend. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I can appreciate the level of commitment that usually comes from family owned businesses. He cares about the company and the quality of homes it produces and that was evident right from the beginning.
Having said that, all the staff we have encountered have been fantastic. Darwin, Kim, Adam, Suzanne, the aussies. All highly professional and down to earth people.”

-Delia Massey

Want to Get Started Planning Your Own RTM Project?

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Delivering The Redburn to a Family in the Duck Lake Area.

The Hunter’s began researching the possibility of a brand new home when they moved out to their farm in the Duck Lake area. It took about five years of researching and consideration before making the decision to build with B&B. They wanted to make sure that they found the plan they liked, and a builder they felt comfortable and confident with to build their forever home.

An RTM seemed to be the most practical way to get the home of their dreams. With their location, getting a builder and trades to come out and build it from top to bottom onsite would have been extremely difficult and would have cost a fortune with mileage charges. They decided on an RTM because it would be complete and they would be able to move right in within a reasonable timeline.

What Do You Like Best About Your New Home?

“It is such a hard question to answer….because honestly the answer would be everything. We have loved it all from the moment we moved in, to this very day. And I know we will still love our home 25 years from now! I guess though if we had to pick one thing, it would be the space that we have. We have enough room to not be on top of each other anymore!”  -Natalie Hunter

Finding the Right Design and Working With the Right Builder

The Hunters were living in a mobile home on their farm, and with their boys getting older, and a large extended family, they really wanted to have more room to accommodate hosting family and friends over.

The Hunters wanted to have a big entry area conducive to their farm life. The lockers, laundry and half bath have been the best value functional areas to have in their new farmhouse. They also wanted to have a large kitchen so that everyone can come and sit down to have harvest meals in. As well as lots of room for cooking and storage for all of their kitchen accessories.

Why They Picked B&B Homes for the Project

“We really wanted to deal with a builder that cared. That didn’t just see us as a number. That went above and beyond building a product that would last us forever. A home is such a massive investment and you want to make sure that the builder understood that from a personal point of view, not just a monetary point of view. We wanted a builder that would hear us….because not everyone’s tastes are the same and we knew what we liked and didn’t like. We wanted someone to stand behind the product that they were building. Be upfront with everything so that there were no surprises.” -Natalie Hunter

What’s One Piece of Advice Would You Share With Anyone Planning a Custom RTM Home?

“Research your builders! Make sure you’re not settling and that you find exactly what you are looking for.

What Did You Like About Working with B&B Homes?

Where do you start…..from the very beginning we knew right away that we would choose B&B. Darwin was the only one in all of the companies that we went to that took the time out of his busy schedule to take us and show us their homes. He showed us homes right from starting out construction to the finished product. He explained the differences in construction and what we should be looking for in a home. Not once did he ever make us feel pressured that we had to choose them. He just gave us all the information that no one else took the time to care to show us. By the end of the tour we knew that we wanted to deal with B&B.

We loved the fact that they only took on so many homes in a year and that they put all of their effort into making those homes the best that they could. They truly cared about the product that they put out there. When we met Katia she made such an overwhelming project seem so effortless. She made sure that we were happy with everything and went above and beyond to make sure we had exactly what we wanted! She is a true gem to work with. We can’t believe how beautiful our home is….we are a little biased but we think its the best designed home ever!

It was so nice as a homeowner to hear that it was whatever we wanted our house to be! They had constant communication with us about everything and encouraged us to come out anytime to see the progress of our new home. It was like watching the best Christmas present ever being built from start to finish! It was very much like a family environment where we felt welcome by everyone!
We will always continue to recommend B&B. As far as we are concerned they are the best in the industry by far. Anyone who has a B&B home will be as lucky and grateful as we are that they had the very best home builder building their forever dream home. Thank you so much to the entire B&B family for making our RTM building process the most amazing time! We couldn’t have asked for more….because you gave it all to us!” -Natalie Hunter

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Building an RTM With Ranch Style Finishes for a Family Outside of Maple Creek.

The Beierbach’s decided to engage with B&B after seeing a floor plan call out their name that was shared on Facebook.

With some modifications to The Redburn to make it truly their own, the rest is now history and they are living in their custom RTM today.

When it came to looking for an RTM builder, they were looking for flexibility to suite their ranch style, good quality construction and of course affordability. They also needed to look into RTM options due to their remoteness in the Maple Creek area and for the convenience of outsourced project management around their busy lifestyles.

Having the Space for Entertaining and Hosting Guests

With an open concept and more living space than their previous small farmhouse, they are now more comfortable hosting guests and entertaining at their home and seem to do a lot more of it these days.

“We love our new home and look forward to enjoying for many more years! B&B met or beat every deadline which was so nice as we were super anxious to get into the house once we got the design phase done.” -Donna Beierbach

Bringing Together Ideas Through Research

Donna spent around three months researching different features and finishes online that would capture their style and preferences. B&B was impressed with all of their unique ideas that were able to be executed.

Their home, like all custom RTMs, was quoted based on the custom specs that were put together specifically from Donna and Williams’ researching and planning. During this time they also talked to friends, neighbours, relatives — anyone they knew that had either built or moved in a new home.

What One Piece of Advice Would You Share With Anyone Planning a Custom RTM Home?

“The expenses of site prep/ dirt work basement, plumbing/heating, electrical etc for hooking the house up really adds up. Get quotes for all of the above and allow for a bit extra!” -Donna Beierbach

What Did You Like About Working with B&B Homes?

“The staff!! So helpful! We were way out of our element with this project ….we deal with livestock, not paint swatches and tile samples so we leaned heavily on designer Katia for advice and input. She did such a good job of capturing the feel we were looking for in our home! Darwin was always eager to answer any questions we had and Travis was great about warranty issues and customer service in general!”

-Donna Beierbach

Want to Get Started Planning Your Own RTM Project?

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Making a Dream Come True After 10 Years of Planning & Research

Kassi and Caleb spent nearly a decade researching in preparation to embark on the journey of planning their dream home. After all, this kind of project is usually once in a lifetime, so they wanted to make sure they did it right.

They eventually decided to partner with a builder that would hold the same high standards with attention to detail, flexibility with finishes, and could deliver on the overall quality for their forever home.

Learn more about their custom RTM home building experience and see inside below.

What do you like the most about your new home?

We were able to design a custom home that was made specifically for our family. B&B was so patient with every revision along the way and we were very grateful for that.

How long did you research your home for?

For almost a decade we explored different vendors to see what was out there. We looked at different floor plans and different styles of finishes during this time. We wanted to wait until we were prepared to make this investment and we were ready.  As you grow and adapt, you see how expanding your family evolves, we changed what we needed. We researched throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta before deciding who we would build with.

What were you looking for in a builder?

A big criteria for us was finishes. Once you nitpick the companies and could see how they finished projects and how different quality standards stood out. Being in Saskatchewan, we wanted to support a family business ran by wholesome people. We ended up really enjoyed working with Travis (B&B’s CEO) and appreciated how humble he was working with the crew throughout the project.

What was important to you in the layout of the home?

It was important to have an open concept. We wanted functionality and flow throughout the house. Having Katia work hand-in-hand with us, she made sure there was no wasted space. Every idea we had, she showed it to us to see if it would work. She shared her professional advice but was never pushy, she was very supportive throughout the whole process. Always open and patient with all of the decisions we were making. B&B Homes never said no to any of the features we requested. The sky was truly the limit with B&B Homes.

Why did you build an RTM when you did?

We decided to wait until we could do it financially We knew we wanted to customize our dream home so we wanted to be secure and comfortable.

We know some people who got a harsh reality check due to a lack of research and understanding what other companies are charging you for. Liked the transparent pricing. You need to understand the numbers and what you are getting. Over time we were able to see the differences in other builders in our research.

“We are type A people so we wanted to work with a builder that shared our high standards. The people at B&B are all so nice and patient. Every party involved held the same quality standards as we do. We were happy we could relax knowing that the whole project would be meticulously looked after. It was aggressively perfect.”


We feel like we really got to know everyone and be part of the B&B Homes family. We were so excited to be the first RTM home that Travis moved.  We were so excited for our designer Katia when we learned she was having a baby. We had great relationships with everyone.”

If you had one piece of advice for someone getting into an RTM what would it be?

Be honest about your budget so you balance what you can spend and have against what you want. Research is really important. Don’t go with another company because you think they are cheaper. If you go with a cheaper company you are going for a lesser quality once in a lifetime investment. Really important to do your research and financially be prepared for different things.

Be open with your builder about what your budget is so they have an idea of what kind of finishes you are going to have and can help guide your finishes selections.  B&B puts their heart and name behind their homes because they want it to be your forever accomplishment as well.

What did you like about working with B&B?

I don’t know why anyone would build with anyone else besides B&B Homes. They can do anything and would do whatever we wanted. Some people may get hyped up with other reputations for other reasons. B&B can accommodate any time frame and budget. They were super accommodating and very open about it.

Other RTM providers said the time frame was open. Other timelines were hoaxes. B&B was organized and detail oriented right into their project schedules. We know people that lived in their RV because their home wasn’t done for 6 months later than what they were told. That would never happen with B&B Homes.

For more information on the process or to get started planning your own custom floor plan, reach out to B&B at any time here to discuss your project details.



A Custom Rustic Farmhouse Moved to Dodsland

In our last customer feature for 2019, we wanted to share the story of Dyan and Patrick from the Dodsland area. Their RTM planning goals were simple. To make their dream home unique to them and to start and finish the project quickly within a set timeline. For their existing home, they wanted to sell house fast and get into their new one as quickly as possible so they could start living their dream. Once their old home was sold, it was important for them to get their furniture out of the house, allowing the new homeowners to move their things in. When moving furniture, it’s always better to get in touch with a transportation company. Normally, there is a lot more space in those vehicles, ensuring that things can be moved safely. Perhaps Dyan and Patrick could’ve contacted CSA Transportation (learn more here) to move their things for them. That way, they could’ve moved to their dream home much quicker.

Learn more about their RTM home experience and see inside below.

What do you like the most about your new home?

We love that the attention to detail was paramount and that our selections all came together flawlessly. Our home felt like “home” the second we walked into it (minus the light switch learning curve)! The lights were definitely something we were really excited about, and as you can tell, they look lovely! In our old house we were already looking to upgrade our lights just to give the place a bit of a spruce up, and I had found someone that was ranked as a top electrician near me to use, but in the end, we obviously decided to just recreate our whole house and it’s proven to be the best decision we’ve ever made! Our great new living space is perfect for entertaining larger groups of friends with the dreamiest kitchen. We were also very pleased we were able to fit a long farmhouse table into the dining room, which has always been the goal.

How long did you research your home for?

Not long, maybe 1 month. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, classic style with unique elements. We had friends that were happy with their B&B RTM’s so we knew right away that’s the route and builder we would use. We essentially contacted B&B in Nov/Dec 2018 and moved into our new home in Aug 2019. We were thoroughly impressed with the turnaround time of the planning and building stages of the project.

What were you looking for in a builder?

Meticulous attention to every detail was important to us, as well as accommodating odd custom requests. We wanted the unique ability to create our home from the drawing board, with interesting features, not commonly seen around these parts. Something we could live in forever and not have to renovate or upgrade down the road.

What was important to you in the layout of the home?

A mudroom to capture the mud of the farm prior to entering the main living space was critical for us to help keep our place tidy and somewhat organized from the farm life chaos. We enjoy hosting dinner parties for our friends, so a nice open space with plenty of room for cocktail making, sitting/standing, and for the kids to run around acting crazy was ultimately at the top of the list. We also wanted a bit of separation of the master suite from the secondary bedrooms so we created a layout that put them on the opposite side of the house, which so far, has been fantastic!

Why did you build an RTM?

We live in a rural area where it can take years to build a home on-site. We knew since we didn’t want a mansion that this was the next best thing for our timeline of when we wanted a new home done by!

If you had one piece of advice for someone getting into an RTM what would it be?
It’s astonishing how much things add up when building a home! For friends that have already asked, we always are sure to explain all the costs that they don’t think about such as utility hookups, sewer, etc. And, to make sure you include a 30% buffer into your budget to allowance for any custom features you will want to include. We are always a proponent for compromising on size for better quality finishings, so we also recommend that.

What did you like about working with B&B?

We really enjoyed working with Katia to design and choose finishings for our dream home. Katia and Darwin were both fantastic at taking our wild ideas and finding solutions. In the end, we got the home we wanted, a layout that works for us, and quality that we know will last a lifetime. We also quite enjoyed the online experience of Co-Construct and tracking the progress of our build. We pitched in our thoughts as well to see how all our ideas fit together, sending them such websites as Doors Plus for references and ideas on how we wanted it to all look helped as it made us on the same page.

B&B has also been great after delivery of our home, ensuring fixes and problems were addressed in a timely fashion. We were able to move into our home 29 days after delivery, which might be a record, and are proud to recommend B&B to anyone that will listen.

“B&B Homes created our dream home from start to finish in less than a year. They took all our crazy ideas and generated the perfect one-of-a-kind floorplan for our family and filled it with beautiful custom creations that truly make this house our forever home. No request was too big or small, they were able to make it happen and it turned out better than we could have ever expected. It was a pleasure dealing with everyone that was a part of the B&B Homes experience and we will recommend you as a builder to our friends and family searching for their own dream RTM forever.” -Dyan McGrath

A Dream Farmhouse 10 Years in the Making.

Cindy and Trevor Tyson decided it was time to officially relocate to their family farm and put an end to their commuting lifestyle. Over 10 years in the making, they knew that they wanted to have a home that would both enhance their everyday living and remove the barriers to staying connected around their busy lifestyle. Now that they’ve settled into their new home, they’re just completing the finishing touches. They recently added internet and telephones into their home by visiting to see their selection of different packages. This helped them to find the perfect deal for them. Now that they’ve got internet and phone connections, they can start socializing with their friends and family again. They just have a few more interior pieces to sort, then this home will be their dream house. Those looking for home improvement advice and inspiration may want to consider checking out this lifestyle blog, Evolution Darlington, where they can find a wealth of informative lifestyle articles.

Aside from the close proximity to B&B Homes in the Harris area, Cindy and Trevor decided to work with B&B because of the company’s flexibility with finishes to create their forever home of their dreams that they live in and love today.

What do you like the most about living in your new RTM home?

“I love the open concept, I feel more connected to my husband inside the house when I’m cooking in the kitchen and Trevor is relaxing in the living room. It feels like we are hanging out in the same room! I also love the ensuite for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.”

-Cindy Tyson, Harris SK

RTM Ensuite

Why did you decide to make a move and build a brand new RTM home?

About a year before contacting B&B Homes we decided it was time to start planning and set up a timeline that made sense for our family. In our initial searches, we were looking for a builder that would provide quality first and foremost. Secondly, we wanted to work with someone in close proximity to our farm. We really liked B&B’s styles of homes and the customization options that were available.

Custom Closet RTM

What piece of advice would you give someone about to go into the RTM planning and building process? What would you recommend to them?

Know what you want, or at least have an idea heading into design. Katia and Darwin are always available to help you decide on things you aren’t sure about.

Also when it comes to working with hookups, be prepared to wait if you need to go through SaskPower or SaskEnergy and factor that into your timeline. Make sure you can get it built and delivered in a time that works with your schedule as well. We wished we had our plans finalized and the build happening sooner. You will want to have an allowance of time to decide on everything and go back and forth in the quoting process with your features to get the home exactly where you want it to be.

What did you like about working with B&B Homes?

We had the flexibility to change our mind with features throughout the final quoting stages to match our budget. I really liked working with Katia. She was so helpful. She walked you through the decisions which made the process so much easier with her professional advice.

We also really loved working with CoConstruct to manage the project. Every decision was at your fingertips and we weren’t stuck with anything that we didn’t want. The tool helped manage the project remotely and for us busy people, it was very handy as we are often running around in lots of directions. Questions were answered almost immediately and there wasn’t any phone tag.

It was also really nice to be able to drop in and go see the progress of the home at any time and they didn’t mind.

Want to Get Started Planning Your Own RTM Project with B&B?

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Enhanced Everyday Living for an Eston Family.

The Milton’s spent at least two years researching before they committed to building their new custom RTM home. It was essential, for their peace of mind, to make an informed decision before proceeding with something as significant as designing and building their forever home. Of course, some people may argue that it is easier to move house, however, this family didn’t think so. It’s so important that people find their dream homes, and this is exactly what the Milton’s have done. They could’ve just looked for a company that sell luxury real estate in Las Vegas, for example, but they decided to build their own. That is quite magical.

Deciding to go RTM vs Renovating

“For several years now, we have enjoyed television shows such as Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, Holmes and Holmes, House of Bryan, and Bryan Inc., for example. Early on, we recognized that we were not interested in renovating. More importantly, however, we discovered that we wanted to build new because it would allow us the opportunity to ensure that our home was built to our satisfaction, literally from start-to-finish.

-Penny Milton, Eston

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What do you like most about living in your new RTM home?

We love the security of knowing that B&B Homes assisted us in designing our RTM home for Aging-In-Place. Knowing that our new home is also supported by a foundation, as well as crawl space, specifically engineered to withstand our soil type, is something that makes us feel most confident about preserving the structural integrity of our new RTM home. We are thankful that B&B Homes consulted with an engineering firm in order to make that happen.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What were you looking for in an RTM builder?

We were focused on identifying an RTM builder with a reputation for using quality materials and meticulous construction practices. The fact that B&B Homes is a family owned and operated, second-generation company, also played a role in our final decision.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What was important to you in the layout of the home?

It was essential that we were given the opportunity to custom design our own floor plan, and basement layout, to best suit our current as well as anticipated future needs.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What is one piece of advice you would share with anyone planning a custom RTM home?

Keep an open mind. No matter how well informed you may feel coming into the project, be willing to listen and learn. Seek plenty of advice and input, before and during the various stages, from the B&B team and ask for clarification, whenever needed. Doing so will bring you, the home owner, greater confidence in the outcome.

RTM Homes Saskatchewan

What did you like about working with B&B Homes?

“The word impeccable comes to mind whenever we reflect on the quality of materials and diligent craftsmanship of our new RTM home!”

-Penny Milton, Eston

There are countless aspects that we appreciated about working with B&B Homes. So many, in fact, that we hesitate to mention specific names for fear of overshadowing others who may have had a more behind-the-scenes type of role. Everyone with whom we had contact, whether through Co-Construct, telephone, email or in-person, was always friendly and professional.

We feel it is noteworthy to mention that Travis, president of B&B Homes, personally contacted us on various occasions throughout the build process. We believe that Travis’ personal interest in our build project and his hands-on approach, such as operating heavy equipment to ensure proper preparation of our lot, attest to his work ethic and contributes to the ongoing success of B&B Homes.

What a fabulous asset B&B Homes has in their onsite designer, Katia. Not only does she possess the appropriate qualifications and experience to fulfil her role, but Katia does so in an exceptional manner. We found her to be positive, patient, and engaging. Katia made the design process pleasurable and we are grateful that she confidently guided us through the finish selection process.

The time and attention to detail that Darwin put into pricing and sourcing for our project alone is unfathomable. We found him to be highly competent, personable and forth-coming. Indeed, Darwin was instrumental in encouraging us to keep an open mind throughout the journey.

As project manager, Adam ensured that our construction project was completed in a timely fashion, with such help from, and it sure seemed to progress surprisingly smoothly. The flow of the trades that Adam organized was extremely efficient. It is obvious that he makes every effort to bring in quality sub-contractors who take pride in producing meticulous work.

Want to Get Started Planning Your Own RTM Project with B&B?

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Delivering the Ironstone to Central Butte for a Young Family.

The Peterson’s spent about a year thinking about what they wanted for their future RTM home and met with various builders before they came across the layout of the Ironstone and decided to work with B&B. The deciding factor for them was having the kitchen and dining room off the back of the home, a layout that was very difficult to find when they were looking at floor plans.

Everything else in the Ironstone design seemed to fit with what they were looking for, from the fireplace to the tray ceilings; they felt it was truly beautiful home, and one they wanted for themselves. Rachel and Brennan knew immediately that the Ironstone was exactly what they wanted for their future home.

What do you love about living in your new RTM home?

“Seeing the way everything came together blew us away. We always say to each other, can you believe this is our home? It’s such a great feeling to see all of our choices come to life to create the home we had always dreamt of.
There were so many things that drew us to B&B Homes as our builder. Great service, great people, great craftsmanship. Every detail of our home was well thought out and nothing was missed with B&B. – Rachel Peterson
sliding barn doors

What advice would you give to someone planning an RTM project now that yours is completed?

Our advice to anyone looking to build a new home would be to enjoy the process! It can be stressful and seem overwhelming, but it is worth it. Take your time and have fun with all of the choices along the way. We have such a sense of pride seeing everything we picked turn into a beautiful home.”Brennan Peterson

The Ironstone

What did you like about working with B&B Homes?

B&B Homes was great to deal with from start to finish. They were so accommodating meeting with us when it worked with our schedule and making any changes we decided on. Everything was built and finished with great quality which was such a weight off our shoulders knowing we could trust B&B to do the job right. They made what could have been a stressful time in our lives easy and fun. We can’t thank them enough! -Rachel Peterson

Want to get started planning your own RTM project?

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to get started on designing your own custom floor plan here.

Delivering an RTM Onto an Existing Foundation Outside of Moose Jaw.

When Mandi Odynski and Jesse Corcoran originally first engaged with B&B Homes, they wanted to know what their options were to put a new RTM home on an existing foundation on some farm land they own just outside of Moose Jaw. Travis, B&B Homes’ President headed out to their farm to take some measurements so B&B’s on-site designer could draft what would be possible for a pure custom home design to fit the foundation.

Building a Custom RTM on an Existing Foundation outside of Moose Jaw

Once it was determined that their existing foundation was usable for a new RTM home, Mandi and Jesse worked with Katia, B&B Home’s designer to plan a custom home that suited their lifestyle. In late 2015, B&B Homes delivered a completely custom RTM home covering 1427 sq feet to their land, and that would also utilize existing plumbing and include some new ICF insulation in the foundation for a future DIY basement. The design of the basement allowed for bedrooms later on down the road if needed.

B & B Homes was able to move up our delivery date and hired an amazing crew that immediately eased my worries regarding the placement of our home on the foundation!

-Mandi Odynski

Colors and Unique Custom Selections for Entertaining

When picking colors and making customization decisions, Mandi liked the warmth that brown brought into the home. Since they regularly entertain guests, it was essential to have both a functional kitchen with a big island and an expansive eating ledge, and room for the pool table to fit between the kitchen and living room. Other features they included were a wine rack above the fridge, a pull out garbage, a study/guest room and a walk-in closet en-suite.

Choosing the Right Builder for their RTM Project

Mandi and Jesse heard about B&B Homes through their friends. They chose to work with B&B Homes over other builders because they liked the product, price and finishes they saw in their friend’s home. They heard B&B Homes was really good to work with, which they were able to confirm themselves after a few site visits and agreed.

“Thank you B & B Homes for walking us through the building process, answering all our questions and concerns, and providing us with our beautiful home – we love it!”

-Mandi Odynski and Jesse Corcoran

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.

Hiring One Company for a Seamless Project, from Start to Finish

After coming off a bad experience with another builder, the Kernahan’s mortgage broker Cari Skjerven, suggested they build with B&B Homes.  After going on B&B’s website and finding their dream home design and receiving some helpful advice when calling in, it sealed the deal for them to work with B&B Homes. Now the rest is history!

Mike and Jennifer worked with B&B Homes for their entire project from start to finish, from the foundation pour to the RTM build, and the onsite build of a three car garage. See how this home transformed into a dinner party hosting haven with the help of B&B Home’s onsite designer.

Finding Their Dream Home by Customizing the Willowdale Design Plan

“We finalized our plan with Katia and picked out our selections for our house and got updates through their easy to use co-construct program to manage the project as the house was being built. The selections you can choose to customize your home are endless and co-construct made the project a breeze!”

-Jennifer Kernahan

Creating a Cooking Oasis and Dinner Party Hosting Haven

dinner party hosting haven

Since Jennifer and Mike both spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen and are very social, designing a kitchen that met these needs was one of the most important aspects of their home. Mike and Jennifer had a lot of fun working with B&B’s on-site designer Katia to make their dream kitchen come to life!

“We love the big Island, we get lots of compliments on this kitchen. Thanks Katia for adding the extra touches! We love our kitchen!  Even cooking up leftovers is fun!  Everyone that comes over to our place loves our open concept kitchen dining living room.  We entertained last month with 20 people in the house and it was so much fun.  Nobody was left out of the conversations at any time.”

-Jennifer Kernahan

Stress-free with B&B’s Co-Construct Project Management Tool

As they live far away, it was nice to see the progress of the house being built and to communicate through co-construct on any issues that needed to be addressed, as their house was being built.  It was also a major selling feature to not have to worry about looking for other contractors to do the eaves troughs, basement cement work or garage doors.

“Everything about the build from start to finish went so smooth and stress free.

-Jennifer Kernahan

garage foundation

Impressed with Punctual After Care Service Work in the Warranty

Since the garage was built on site and the shingles put on in the late fall, due to the late timing they didn’t get a chance to tab down properly. After two weeks of windy weather and one day of extreme winds, a small part of the shingles started lifting and a few started to come off. After they assessed the damage they contacted Darwin at B&B.  In less than a week, B&B’s service team came out and repaired the missing shingles and went over the whole roof and tabbed down anything that was slightly loose.

The Kernahans were really impressed on the speed of which their claim was dealt with. Especially for the distance they are from the B&B site just outside of Delisle, that this was dealt with in a speedy manner.

“It is hard to find any company to deal with a claim that fast. Just shows B&B Homes takes pride in what they build and they really do care about their customers.”

-Mike Kernahan

Working with our on-site designer can help you bring a vision to life that you didn’t know was possible for a new RTM home. Contact B&B Homes today to coordinate a complimentary consultation with our designer here.