Energy Code Compliance Shortlist for Most RM’s.

When you are in the planning stages for a custom RTM home project, you don’t want to have any roadblocks that can get in the way that will affect your ideal timeline to kick-off the project.

From our experience, we’re seeing that more RM’s require an Energy Code Analysis before they issue a build permit in compliance with the new energy efficiency requirements issued in 2019.

Some RM’s may not even tell you that you’ll need this until your ready to start your project. If you aren’t prepared to meet this request it can cause delays.

Below is the information that will be needed prior to the analysis being completed.

• A full copy of the blueprints (these are developed AFTER you have approved your initial floorplan, which you don’t want to rush in the early design stages)
• Construction specifications
• Window and door schedules
• Mechanical equipment details

B&B works with a company and your building inspector to take care of all this for you. But it is best to start this process as early as possible.