Anyone Can Build a Home, But it Takes Premium Craftsmanship to Build a Custom B&B RTM Home!

Since 2002, B&B Homes has built over 100 custom RTM homes that have been delivered throughout Saskatchewan. B&B Homes will bring your custom Ready to Move (RTM) home plans to life, with our “Dream It”, “Build It”, and “Move It” process. Learn more.

B&B Homes also offers a full suite of RTM services including foundations, basements, garages, decks and hookups. Just one company from start to finish! Let us manage the details and your entire project! We offer a wide range of RTM home options spanning 1000 to 2400 square feet.  Get started making your vision a reality with our on-site designer!

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B&B Homes is a fantastic company to deal with. They really stand behind their custom builds. All of the staff are friendly, professional and quick to answer questions/concerns. The on-site designers were amazing as they took our ideas and wishes of what we envisioned our dream home to look like, and put together a custom plan that we’re going to enjoy for years to come. Their expertise when it came to selecting design options was such an added bonus, and it was great to see all our selections come together in our final home – we couldn’t be happier. Co-Construct was a great resource for our build, as we could follow along with the design and build process at any given time of the day or night. We would not hesitate to recommend B & B Homes to others who are thinking of doing a RTM – you will get personalized service that is top-notch.”

-Jody and Bert Coleman, Estevan, SK

RTM Homes Delivered

B&B Homes has delivered over 95+ custom RTM Homes to new home owners throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta since 2002. Check out all of the locations we have been.

B&B RTM Home Warranty Coverage

All of B&B Homes new RTM builds are covered by either the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty, or the Progressive Home Warranty, and our own guarantee that we will take care of any potential damages or malfunctions that happen to the home within the first year of being delivered.

Download the RTM Project Roadmap eBook

The RTM Project Roadmap eBook

Whether you are new to the RTM process or still have a few unanswered questions, download our educational eBook that will help you make informed decisions along the way for your own RTM project. Download your copy here.

B&B Now Moves RTM Homes!

We are excited to now provide RTM moving as part of our full service start to finish Dream It, Build It, Move It process. We can now move our homes with the same diligence and care that we use when building each of our homes. This allows us the flexibility to move around key dates and create ideal project timelines. Have a question? Just ask.

“The word impeccable comes to mind whenever we reflect on the quality of materials and diligent craftsmanship of our new RTM home!”

-Penny Milton, Eston, SK