Financing an RTM Project

Receiving approved financing for an RTM project follows a slightly different process than traditional mortgage financing offered at some banks and mortgage lenders.

To help you prepare for financing an RTM project, listed below are some typical requirements that will arise during the approval process.


Typical Mortgage Requirements for an RTM Include:

  • The lender will need to release funds before the home is delivered to your building site.
  • You often must own the land you plan to build on, and if that isnt the case, you may need to coordinate the mortgage around this purchase. Changing land titles can delay a project, so it is best to start as soon as possible if you know this will be required.
  • The home must be anchored to a foundation prior to your final bank inspection.
  • You will need a contract or purchase of sale with terms spelled out by the builder including obligations for each party.
  • Home owners will need to ensure they have home insurance in place once the home is set on the foundation.
  • RTM homeowners will require a building permit to ensure thier project complies with local and national code.
  • The lender will usually need quotes for the entire project, not just the RTM, in order to approve a mortgage.


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